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La Grave Guide Hire

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La Grave Resort Overview

La Grave is located in the Vallée de la Romanche, only 40 minutes from the resort of Les Deux Alpes. Unlike the typical resort setup of Les Deux Alpes, La Grave offers  a more extreme environment with one single lift to the top, from which you are on your own to explore. For expert skiers or boarders this area offers some of the steepest slopes and the toughest conditions therefore hiring a guide to ski La Grave is essential for all but the most expert of skiers. In the summer you can enjoy various hikes in the surrounding hills.

Hiring Ski Guides in La Grave

Off-piste skiing in La Grave is one of the biggest draws for extreme skiers. It offers some of the hardest lines in the Alps and therefore hiring a guide for these kinds of tours is vital due to the high risk factor of navigation error, human error and as always avalanches. As with Chamonix, a high number of the ski tours and extreme off piste lines pass over glaciers so there is the added danger of crevasses, serac falls and bergschrunds. Unless you know the terrain well, have researched the conditions of your ski tour or route and are well trained in crevasse rescue, we would highly advise you to hire a mountain guide in La Grave to safely explore the region. If there are no guides available above, then we advise you contact the La Grave Tourist Board or Guide Bureau for more advise and recommendations.


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