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Flaine Overview

Flaine is well known as a French resort for families and couples alike. Built in the 1960′s, the architecture is an acquired taste but sitting in a giant bowl in the Grand Massif area, it has some of the most reliable snow in the area and due to the majority of the slopes facing North / North West it holds the snow well. This historical monument has three levels to the resort. When you visit you can enjoy the Grand Massif area as well as the Flaine bowl. The slopes extend to the Grandes Platieres where a large gondola will take you to the highest point from there you can take five different routes down the rolling terrain. If you prefer a steeper challenge you can head towards Styx.

Hire a Ski guide in Flaine

There’s a variety of accessible off piste in Flaine and ski touring is possible in neighbouring resorts. If you are sure of your ability, navigation and the local conditions then a guide is not necessary but of you are in any doubt, we advise you always to hire a guide in Flaine. The Gers bowl and the Corbalanche freeski area are perfect areas to begin to your off piste adventures as they are both lift served. In the Flaine bowl itself there are several off piste areas including the terrain under the Lapiaz charlift, the area between the Grandes Platieres gondola and the Lindars Nord chairlift and finally the areas underneath the Vernant chairlift and the Grand Vans gondola. There’s some fantastic skiing to be had here but venturing off piste must be taken with caution as due to the chalk nature of the underlying rock, there are a number of large holes which are are sometimes only part covered by snow. If you are unaware of where these are, we strongly advise hiring a qualified guide to ensure a safe yet enjoyable day off piste.

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