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Alp d’huez Guide

Located in the Grandes Rousses mountains, Alpe d’Huez or ‘L’Ile au Soleil’ as it is sometime referred to is home to the fifth largest ski area in France, linking the villages of Vaujany, Oz, Villard-Reculas and Auris-en-Oisans. This offers skiers and snowboarders over 200km of pistes to go explore if their ability allows. Although once a traditional mountain village, the developments that have taken place in the area relating to the skiing industry make it seem as though it was a purpose built resort.  Not just great for skiing, Alpe d’Huez offers many amenities including a superb sports centre and the use of a large outdoor pool and skating rink.

Hire ski guides in Alp d’huez

If you wish to explore the extensive off piste available in Alp d’huez but either don’t have the confidence or ability to navigate the area, then hiring a mountain guide in Alp d’huez is sensible. Qualified guides have extensive knowledge of the mountain terrain, avalanche conditions and weather forecasts to ensure you have a safe day out skiing or climbing.

Traversing skier’s left from Chateau Noir gives you access to the numerous couloirs that later join backup with the Sarenne path. You can also drop off the other side of the ridge down towards Clocher de Macle or stay on the ridge line and drop down through the couloirs of Mine de l’Herpie. A half an hour hike from the top and as you to access to the couloirs from Pic Bayle across the Rousses glacier from where you can pick a line all the way down to Enversin. Skier’s right of the Dome des Petites Rousses offers some big cliffs and tighter couloirs and there is also some additional off-piste of the back of Signal de l’Homme. Many of these areas are avalanche prone so be sure to check conditions or hire a mountain guide.

At the top of Pic Blanc there are also several off piste areas that offer 200m of vertical descent to different villages around the Grande Rousses Massif. Some of these villages are outside the lift system so be careful with navigation as you may end up needing a taxi to take you home if you pick the wrong route.

As with skiing off piste or ski touring in any resorts, if you are in any doubt about your technical ability, navigation skills, the snow conditions or just would like to be shown the most fun areas, be sure to hire a ski guide so that you have an enjoyable and safe day on the mountain.


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