Hire the right mountain guide for your next adventure

How it works

1. Build your profile

Showcase your mountain guiding services on your unique profile page. Include details on your qualifications, experience, a few photos and an overview of who you are and where you are today. This is the first page potential clients will see when looking for a guide and it will also show your past reviews and ratings.

2. Receive guiding job leads

Potential clients looking for a mountain guide in your area will search through the listings to find the most suitable guide for hire and get in contact with you directly via the contact form. If they contact us first for help finding a guide, we too will look at all the listings to recommend a handful of the most suitable guides for the activity.

3. Reply to the client

Once contact with you has been made by the potential client, ensure you respond to any queries they may have swiftly to secure the business if you are available on the required date.

4. Get rated

After your guiding trip is complete, ask your client to rate you on your quality, reliability and all round enjoyment that was had on the trip. Ratings really do act as ‘word of mouth’ online in our ever growing digital world where we want information instantly and ensuring you build a good reputation will help to win more guiding business in the future.




Why should I advertise on Rated Guides?


There are a plenty of reasons you should use Rated Guides to supplement your marketing efforts:

6 Month Guarantee

100% No-Risk Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t see any benefits of your profile being on Rated Guides within the first 6 months, just let us know at anytime during that period and we’ll send you a prompt refund. After the first 6 months, we’ll presume you’re happy continuing to build your online reputation. No questions asked.

Increase your exposure to a growing digital client market

As more clients search online for private mountain guides prior to their trip, ensuring your services and are seen in search engines is becoming more important.

Showcase your mountain guiding services

Use your personal profile to share your mountain guiding services for hire, qualifications, experience and photos of past trips with potential clients.

Build your reputation

Your profile, reviews and ratings act as an advertising platform for you to gain new clients in the future.

Add extra promotion at quiet times

If you wish to increase your promotion on Rated Guides when you are less busy, upgrade to a featured Pro listing or write a recent trip report on out blog for a small fee.




How do you justify the cost of the service?


On average in Europe, a day’s mountain leading or guiding costs between €200 and €400 Euros per day. This means that even if your listing with us only generates one additional client for you per year, it has paid for itself.

Also, when you get a new client through us, if they have a great day in the mountains you get a customer for life. This means that for a relatively small annual fee you can secure a good deal of future work. Due to the nature of the industry and word of mouth recommendations, many jobs also lead to other work if the client is satisfied with the work.

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