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Background Q & A

Why should I list my guiding or leading services on Rated Guides?

Whether you’re a mountain guide or leader taking skiers, climbers or walkers on guided trips, establishing an online presence to promote yourself to an ever growing digital clientele is important in this  day and age. If you don’t have the technical expertise, time or money to build your own website, then  we offer a transparent, well priced opportunity to showcase your services and receive honest reviews from past clients.

100% No-Risk Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t see additional enquiries as a result of your profile listing on Rated Guides within the first 6 months, just let us know within that 6 month period and we’ll send you a prompt refund. After 6 months, we’ll presume you’re happy continuing to build your reputation. No questions asked.

I already have a website so why would I want to feature on Rated Guides?

If you’re like a lot of mountain guides, you may have a great site showing who you are, what you’ve done and of course what guiding services you offer but you may be finding it difficult to drive potential clients to your website. Rated Guides is here to help put skiers, climbers, walkers etc. who are actively looking to hire a private guide in your location, in contact with you by means of your email, website, phone number or social networking sites. Then it’s over to you to sign them up.

Does it cost guides anything to be listed on Rated Guides?

We offer a Basic listing for €149 Euros / year (€0.41 cents / day) and a Pro listing for €249 Euros / year (€0.68 cents / day). The Pro listing includes placement above the basic listings, a featured display, yearly stats on the traffic we have sent you and the ability to submit guiding trip reports once a month to our onsite blog, with links back to your profile for additional exposure.

How do you justify the cost of the service?

On average in Europe, a day’s mountain leading or Alpine guiding can cost between €200 and €400 Euros per day. This means that even if we only generate one additional client for you per year, the listing has paid for itself.

Also, when you get a new client through us, if they have a great day in the mountains you get a customer for life. This means that for a relatively small annual fee you can secure a good deal of future work. Due to the nature of the industry and word of mouth recommendations, many jobs also lead to other work if the client is satisfied with the work.

Honesty and Guide Reviews

The mountain community are an honest bunch on the whole and you’ve always got to have faith in humanity. We hope that as mountain guides or leaders, you will only encourage clients to review your services rather than posting your own reviews of yourself as this ultimately defeats the object of Rated Guides. We only want genuine reviews from clients that give others an idea of the experience they had, to help them make a decision and in turn have a great trip themselves. If we do find out that fake reviews have been posted, we’ll unfortunately have to remove your listing completely to protect the integrity of the website and no refund will be available.

I can’t see my guiding location on the registration form?

If there currently isn’t a page for your town or resort live, drop us a quick message via the contact form and we’ll create a page within 24 hrs so you can register and begin advertising your guiding services right away.

If I work for a guiding company, can I still be listed?

Of course – we want to be able to display the profiles of as many guides as possible to potential customers. So whether you guide through an external company or work independently, by listing your services on Rated Guides you’re only going to increase your exposure to a larger audience who are actively searching for guiding services online.

How will you be promoting Rated Guides to potential clients?

We’ll be ensuring Rated Guides is in front of the right audience for you by means of a number of online advertising methods including; prominent presence in search engines, local contextual advertising and links from various business websites associated with the industry and frequented by mountain lovers and tourists alike in your local area.

How much does  a mountain leader or guide cost?

Hiring a mountain leader or mountain guide is generally between €200 and €400 per day. It very much depends on qualifications, experience, group size, activity and also location. Check with your guide for his or her exact costs.

Why do we want clients to review guides that they have used?

We like to see the best in people at Rated Guides but there’s no better way of finding out a little more about them than from the opinions of those who have hired a guide and spent time with them on a guided trip . It helps the guide because hopefully the glowing review you give them will attract future business and it helps potential future clients to find the right guide by reading honest, independent reviews and reports from client experiences.

Does Rated Guides charge clients who find a suitable guide through our website?

No. Rated Guides doesn’t get involved in the payment process between a Guide and their client. There’s also no charge for you to browse or get in contact with any the guides listed on our site whether you hire them or not. All negotiations and transactions are handled between you and the guide directly. Rated Guides is just a place for clients and guides to meet before hopefully forming a longstanding trustworthy relationship. Do mention that you used Rated Guides to find your guide when you contact them. It keeps us happy!

How do I hire a guide listed on Rated Guides?

If you find a guide that fits your requirements and like the sound of, you’ll see all their contact information and the ‘Contact Listing Owner’ button underneath their listing . Whether you want to discuss further the type of guiding you require, area you wish to explore or go straight ahead and hire a guide, it’s best to get in touch with any questions first so that both parties get the most out of their time together.

Does Rated Guides make any guarantees?

Any and all guides are welcome to get listed on Ratedguides.com but we don’t review the ads, censor the material that has been submitted (unless it’s rather rude) or make any guarantees about the qualifications, experience or other personal information detailed in their ad listing. If you spot something, have a bad experience or suspect any dishonest behaviour then do drop us an email so we can look into it further.


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